Dr. Preet Khangura is a Naturopathic Physician with an integrative and functional medicine practice at Juniper Family Health in beautiful Victoria, BC Canada.  Dr. Khangura embraces one of the most important principles of naturopathic medicine – To heal the whole person through individualized treatment. His goal is to customize each treatment plan based on his patients specific health needs.  This includes involving his patients in their health journey, which follows another naturopathic principle that Dr. Khangura takes to heart – Doctor as teacher.  He whole-heartedly believes that once a person decides to take their health into their own hands, their body’s ability to heal is amplified. 

Dr. Khangura has an affinity for treating gastrointestinal conditions, and has become very well known in the medical and naturopathic medical communities for his ability in diagnosing and treating SIBO - the #1 cause of IBS.  Dr. Khangura's vast knowledge of SIBO has led him to being selected to educate over 250 doctors across Canada, on every aspect pertaining to SIBO.  To this day, he strives to not only help doctors understand this extremely common condition, but to also educate patients on why their IBS is not “just in their head” or “caused only by stress”.  Dr. Khangura enjoys nothing more than seeing his patient’s digestive concerns vanish permanently with proper assessment and treatment of SIBO. 

To provide well-rounded, integrative treatments for his patients, Dr. Khangura uses herbal medications, neutraceutical medications, IV therapy, acupuncture, clinical nutrition, and with his prescription medication license, pharmaceutical medications when needed. 

To book an initial appointment with Dr. Khangura at Juniper Family Health in Victoria B.C., please call 778-265-8340.